New blog: Thoughts.

Hello, Welcome to my blog, Originally I planned to have my posts consist of only anime, then I thought to myself, most people won’t share the same interests as me. Which are anime, writing, photography, drawing, movies, Murder mysteries, I have a lot of different interests with different genres and whatnot? So I am going to have this be an everything kind of site, My thoughts, writings and Poems (I’m an aspiring writer), feelings on certain topics, Those kinds of things, Similar to John Watson’s blog on the show Sherlock Holmes BBC which Has inspired me actually to start a blog. Because I’m new to this, I’m unsure of how to actually run this, but I should get the hang of it soon. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I should be making a new post soon.

P.S – If you happen to be a fan of the show Sherlock Holmes, you can view John’s blog in real-time, Or if you are simply curious about what I was talking about, here’s the link to the website. –

Published by sam_ross

Hello, My name is Sam, and I am an aspiring writer, musical lover, slightly Anime obsessed (very), Bibliophile, and a major selenophile or philoselene; however, you want to put it. I am starting this blog to try something new and maybe have a new hobby in the future.

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