Today’s topic: Books!

Hello everyone! Today I will be talking about one of the things I enjoy the most, Books. I will also probably be posting every Saturday morning or Friday afternoon; I have not decided yet, and now, back to the topic at hand. Mostly everyone has a favorite book, whether it is a children’s book from when they were little or the very first book with many chapters they were introduced to at an early age, like harry potter or even star wars. Everyone has a different genre of books that they like, ranging from Sci-Fi to adventure to picture books or long books with an in-depth storyline. My favorite all-time book series is The Warrior cats series, Which is about cats that live in the wild in clans. They have a legal system and rules, which is pretty advanced for cats if you ask me. It is by the group Erin Hunter, which I was introduced to as a ten-year-old. I thought it was the best and most fantastic book out there. No other series could come close to how good this was. I’ve re-read the series a couple of times, and it is not as good as my little 10-year-old brain thought. However, it’s still pretty good considering the genre and how much the writers thought about how the setting impacts how the animals interact, and where they go and their speech, for different areas of the forest, that they lived in. There are different speech patterns for each type of cat. It is very well-thought-out, and that is why it took a small team of people to write these entire series. Which is why It is my favorite
Moreover, the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas, which follows Celena Sardothien, an 18-year-old assassin who has to compete in a championship to win back her Freedom or she has to go back into the mines where she was enslaved for years. The author has a unique way of putting the setting and dialogue as with the other series I mentioned, but it is more mature and not for 10-year-olds like I used to be better, more in-depth, and engaging. That is why it is targeted for young adults. See? There is that different genre, type, topic, and age group I was talking about; it all depends on what the reader’s interests are and what they were introduced to at a specific age. My friend (who just so happens to be an admin and can post whatever they want whenever, Yes I am calling you out.) would argue that the all-time best book series would be Eragon (of course -aleverm20), They would also argue that the movie sucked, That the books are ten times better. I refused to read the books to spite them and saw the movie and thought it was not that bad. So, If you have a favorite book, Or movie go ahead and let me know, and I will check it out, maybe even make a post about it. Have a beautiful day, and thanks for reading and taking the time to check out my post!

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Hello, My name is Sam, and I am an aspiring writer, musical lover, slightly Anime obsessed (very), Bibliophile, and a major selenophile or philoselene; however, you want to put it. I am starting this blog to try something new and maybe have a new hobby in the future.

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