Hazbin Hotel

Hello everyone! Today I will be talking about the new popular on going series on youtube, Hazbin Hotel!

Now so far, there is just the pilot episode, which in my opinion is disappointing, but it’s animation, so it takes a long time. The idea was made into reality by Vivienne Maree Medrano, more commonly known as Vivziepop on Youtube. She is the lead animator, story writer, director, storyboard artist, character design, and producer. She has a small team of animators to help her with the project, and Throughout the episode, you can tell that there are a few mistakes and art style changes. Still, they’re subtle and are looked over unless someone has animation experience. ScottFalco, who is another animator and YouTuber, reviews Hazbin on his channel “Hazbin hotel/Hullava boss with a side of salt.” (which is what he calls his excellent reviews) goes into more detail on both of them then I can for obvious reasons. Hullava boss is another project Vivziepop is working on and has released a Pilot episode for that as well.
Now I’d like to put a disclaimer to any underage readers, both of these episodes deal with very mature things, Sex, Drugs, Racism, Swearing And of course it all takes place in hell, The leading group of characters is, Charlie The princess of hell who feels terrible that her subjects (people that sin, die and become demons) are being exterminated at high rates at the end of the year, sort of a purge to make way for more sinners to come into hell so she decides to create a hotel to rehabilitate demons so that they can go to heaven and live good lives. The next is Vaggie Charlie’s best friend (and hinted at girlfriend), who is supportive of Charlie’s idea of the Hotel and is her central hotel staff. Next is Angel dust, ( my favorite character) Angel dust is A porn actor who likes drugs, money, and alcohol, his name is after his beloved drug angel dust which is speculated to have killed him and sent him to hell (overdose). He is Charlie’s very first customer in the Hotel; He is allowed to stay there rent-free if he “plays nice” as He later puts it in a fight scene, no drugs, no working at his job, and no swearing ( there is almost constant swearing from nearly everyone). Next is Sir Pentious, He only has a few scenes, and is the primary bad guy ( they’re in hell everyone is bad ) He wants to take over territory which became available with the recent extermination and to rule over the lesser demons. I know this is a lot to take in and read, but bear with me everyone we are almost done, three more characters to go! The next on the list is alastor the radio demon, he is extremely powerful, and conquered half of hell almost overnight, he approaches Charlie to help with the Hotel because he is bored. (a bit sad I know). Next is Husk, alastor summons him from a poker game so that he can run the front desk of the Hotel. And last but not least is nifty who alistor also summoned so that the Hotel will be clean, (hence the name nifty). Geez, I’m terribly sorry for the long post today, but I really like Hazbin, so I thought why not tell others about it and spread the word about how awesome it is.

(I’m sorry the ending is a bit weak, I started to get a migraine while writing this so I really just wanted to finish it, I’m also sorry that the picture was weird it has to be a 1200 x 675 size and that’s hard to find.)

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