Hazbin Hotel

sorry for the bad image, It has to be 1200 x 675 or it won’t let me upload and it is super annoying

My deduction of Relationships

The word Relationship originates from Old French: Relacion “report, connection,” and from Latin: relationem (nominative relatio) “A bringing back, restoring.” There are many different ways to convey a relationship. However, it means the same essential thing. The connections two or more people share, whether romantic, familia, or agape. (It depends on your religion) Relationships areContinue reading “My deduction of Relationships”

New blog: Thoughts.

Hello, Welcome to my blog, Originally I planned to have my posts consist of only anime, then I thought to myself, most people won’t share the same interests as me. Which are anime, writing, photography, drawing, movies, Murder mysteries, I have a lot of different interests with different genres and whatnot? So I am goingContinue reading “New blog: Thoughts.”

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